Old Town Trolley Tours – Washington DC – Our Review and Tips

Old Town Trolley Tour – Monuments By Moonlight – Washington DC Trolley Tour

Date of Tour:  July 2021

My older son wanted to see some of the more important/popular monuments that Washington DC has.  I sat down and tried to map them out and set up some type of tour, walking tour, driving tour, any tour on my own, because I kind of do not like the group tours.

However, after searching and mapping out it seemed to me that a trolley tour would be our best option to hit all of the spots without worrying about how to get there, where to park or what would be open.

I opted for the Moonlight tour because it would be evening, an open, no air conditioning trolley tour would probably be miserable in the middle of the day on a hot summer July day in DC.  It was still overly hot at points but it was breezy and not sun blazing.

We stopped at Starbucks before boarding the trolley to get ice cold drinks.  I am glad that we did!  You cannot really tell in this photo but in the trolley you set up really high above (in height) cars – so you can see everything and the windows are completely open so you can get unobstructed views and photos during the tour.  I felt that a tour bus with A/C would be more luxurious but the visibility would be less than ideal.

Our tour guide was Buckeye – I cannot recommend him enough, he was FANTASTIC.  He was accommodating, patient and really knowledgeable about all of the sites we saw.  He also made sure, due to a ceremony happening at one of the monuments to come back to that at the end of the tour to make sure we got to see it up close.

We are big dog “fans” and this was a fun highlight at one of the monuments!  I think that a scavenger hunt would be an added bonus for kids on these tours to try and find some of these little hidden things along the way!

During the tour you get to get off the trolley and walk around for a certain amount of time.  We got to go right up to the Lincoln Memorial and we also were able to buy a cold Gatorade for us to have on the rest of the tour.  We also were able to walk around the grounds in front of the memorial.  What seemed like a short time, actually turned out to be the perfect amount of time.

I felt like not only was this the perfect way to get in all the monuments – it was less crowded, less hot and no stress, we also go the added bonus of very reduced tickets at George Washington’s Mount Vernon, which really tied the entire tour experience together.