Museum of the Bible in Washington DC – Our Review and Tips

Museum Of The Bible – Washington DC

Date of Visit:  July 2021

We visited the Ark in Kentucky a few years back (I will post an updated review on that experience) so this sounded like a similarly, enriching experience.

This museum is located in downtown Washington DC and it offers you a fully immersive look at the Bible and the history of bibles and the Bible story.

Parking:  the parking garage that they recommended on the Spot Hero website was $12 for the entire day – a steal in downtown DC in my opinion.  Spot Hero can be found here

Food:  we did not eat but there are a few little cafes right near the museum that looked affordable but there were also a ton of families eating in the parking garage lobby (either what they brought or take-out).  On the top floor there is a cafe called Milk and Honey but it was closed on the day we were there (Sunday)

Cost:  It is cheaper to buy your tickets online ($5 cheaper) – it is $19.99 online or $24.99 in-person, kids are $9.99 online or $14.99 in-person.  6 and under are free.  They also offer military discounts.

We paid extra to do the virtual “Explore A Virtual Reality Tour of the Lands of The Bible” – that was $9.99 Per person

This museum is huge, I feel like it would take days to get through and read everything if you were interested in absorbing all of it.  One of the museum docents said it would take us 3 days to get through.

The Bible Story experience was the major highlight for us – it was another virtual experience where you travel through different parts of the Bible.


There were a lot of museum displays, interactive opportunities and tons of historical artifacts to look at and read about.  It was definitely a museum you need to take some time to examine each display.  My kids did not have that patience but they do offer a headset audio tour, we did not do that.

The displays of the historical bibles were fascinating, they even had a virtual live docent that interacted with us and gave us a lot of interesting information, pointing us around to other displays behind us.

I would highly recommend this museum.  It was extremely organized, so much to do and it was so clean.  We explored every nook and cranny of this museum and walked away with so much more knowledge.  Unlike the ark experience, which felt a little busy and less of an experience, this was extremely interactive and very interesting.