Dirty Restaurant Secrets – And I LOVE Going “Out To Eat”!

If our bathroom’s dirty, imagine what our kitchen looks like

For a clear sign of a restaurant’s sanitation standards, just step into the restroom. “Reality is when the bathroom is filthy and every customer can see, just imagine how dirty the kitchen is where the customer can’t see,” says Cannon. Just because employees must wash their hands before returning to work doesn’t mean you—or your food—are safe.  (Source Readers Digest – https://www.rd.com/list/dirty-restaurant-secrets-the-kitchen-crew-wont-tell-you/)

  • Avoid the salad bar.  The toppings are often reused for days.  Cut fruit often harbors bacteria that causes a variety of food poisoning symptoms (true story: after breakfast at the Palmer Hotel and eating cut fruit from their breakfast selection I was laying in the bathroom for a few hours afterwards waiting for the aftermath to subside).  Restaurants do not take the time to thoroughly wash their fruits like you would at home, as well as the salad accompaniments.  (Source: https://www.webmd.com/food-recipes/food-poisoning/food-poisoning-basics)
  • Ask for french fries without salt.  They will be fresh and hot and made to order.  (I learned this when I was very young from a trip through the McDonalds Drive Thru with a friend’s mom)
  • The ice machines and fountain drink machines are HARDLY ever cleaned.  If you have ever had the chance to clean or take one apart you will often find mold and sticky goo in the holding bins and filters.

For other tips when you travel

  • Some cities make restaurants display health department scores on their front windows, and others make them public via an online database. Make sure you check these scores before committing to dining somewhere.
  • No soap in the dispenser.  Leave immediately.  Nearly all restaurant bathrooms have signs telling employees to wash their hands before returning to work.) So if there’s no soap in the soap dispenser, the odds are pretty good that the folks who are about to prepare your food haven’t thoroughly washed their hands.
  • Check out reviews on websites that provide unbiased reviews from patrons but look at them subjectively.

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