Workout Clothes On A Budget – Budget Fancy

I go to hot yoga almost daily and I LOVE to wear my favorite Lilly Pulitzer leggings but if I wore the few pairs I own all the time they would get worn out and less “cute”.  Also they are not Budget Fancy.

I have found some options that I use for workout clothes that are very affordable!

Walmart consistently has had a variety of tank tops under $5.00 at varying times of the year.  I am not a huge walmart fan but on a fancy budget this is one of my favorite tank tops to go with cute leggings for exercise.

Target Clearance rack is where it is at!  I do love the Target workout section at regular price or when there is a sale but I do find things on the clearance rack pretty consistently that I love.  And I find that the stuff I get from Target has a longer life.

Here is a recent example of what you can find online in the clearance but their in-person clearance seems to also have a good selection.

The next place I love to check out is Old Navy.  Old Navy has fantastic deals and sales, pretty consistently.  BUT their clearance rack is also one of my favorites.  In-person seems to show more options than online.

These are all the places I have in my area where I can go to find workout clothes quite inexpensively.  They preform well and I feel like I get my money and time’s worth.