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You may have seen posts about something called a “challenge group” on social media and thought, “Sounds great! But what is it?” Let me break it down for you and explain the benefits of joining one, what they are all about, and why you are 99% more likely to succeed by participating!


My Healthy focused groups –  support and accountability group is AMAZING and FILLED with people just like you who are on a journey to be better than they were yesterday!

Best part is, you get FREE access to my FREEBIES – printables, meal plans, checklists, tips and hackThe only investment is into your nutrition and a plan that you can access right here.

To put it simply, a challenge group is a private online group that provides support and accountability towards your health and fitness goals. Each member receives individual attention from a coach (like ME!), daily encouragement, accountability, a place to communicate struggles and victories, and a sense of community!


Lifestyle changes are hard. I totally get it. It takes sticking to a new lifestyle routine for at least 3 to 4 weeks before we begin to see a habit developing. And this is really hard to do on your own!


In my experience, the hardest part about getting fit and healthy is figuring out what to do, how many times to do it, what to eat, how much of it to eat…you catch my drift. It’s overwhelming!

How about that super awkward feeling trying to find someone to answer all your burning questions?  You receive a simple and concise plan to follow! Sure, you could spend hours on YouTube and Google finding all the info and putting it together, but really… who’s got time for that?



If a challenge group peaks your interest, then you’re already seeking CHANGE. Guess what? So is everyone else in a challenge group — they’re on the same path as you!

Just think how much more likely you’d be to show up consistently when everyone around you is doing it too!  You’ll hold each other accountable and go through the process together! So, do me a favor and think about this… how much more likely you would be to succeed if you had a group of like-minded people cheering you on daily? I’ll tell you… 99% more likely! Together we are better. Challenge groups are the secret sauce!


How do you commit to a Challenge? 

  • Find a buddy Doing these challenges with someone–even just checking in via text–is super helpful in staying accountable.
  • Write it down Use the Free Printable Planner, Habit Tracker and Group
  • Remind yourself Set a timer on your phone and commit to stopping what you’re doing and going to get your challenge done.


5 Day Workout Challenge

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