How To Have A Non-Toxic Clean Home With Shaklee

My goal is to use as many non-toxic cleaners in my home as I can first because its better for you and second because my son has asthma and third because we have several animals that live in our home.

Guinea Pigs are highly sensitive to what is in the air and in their surroundings (our guinea pigs got sick from the cold air of winter one year!).  Our dogs are on some of our furniture, our floors and in general in our space.  And of course the people that live here also need to be cautious.

I used to use some of the cleaners you find at your local stores that were labeled non-toxic, which most of them were, but they were heavily scented.

This past spring I completely switched over to Shaklee Products.  My number one favorite product is the Basic H2.  Basic H2 has endless uses and you barely need any to have success with a full clean!

The list of uses for Basic H2 are quite extensive.  I used it on EVERYTHING!  I even use it to clean the guinea pig cages.  My vet even approves that we use it on the guinea pig cage and the dog crate bottoms!

I have also switched to other cleaners that shaklee uses.  They have created an entire cleaning kit with all of their products to try for only $101.62 – you get to try all 9 of the products.

I have also switched to the laundry detergent which I found out from my washing machine company is better than anything else out there on the market for the longevity of my machine.  The Scour Off is AH-Mazing for my stove top!  All without harsh chemicals and toxins.