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How To Have A Non-Toxic Clean Home With Shaklee

My goal is to use as many non-toxic cleaners in my home as I can first because its better for you and second because my son has asthma and third because we have several animals that live in our home. Guinea Pigs are highly sensitive to what is in the air and in their surroundings […]

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FREE 30 Day Declutter and Clean Home Challenge – Free Printable

Clean and destash, Declutter and organize your home in 30 days! Is clutter taking over your life? We’ve been there! It makes you feel anxious every time a piece of Tupperware falls out of a crowded cabinet… every time you can’t find that permission slip your kid needs for school, but you know it’s somewhere […]

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FREE 10 Day Deep Clean Your House With Free Printable Planner

Join me for this fun challenge and learn some cleaning hacks along the way! 10 Days and your house will be clean from top to bottom! When I lived in Europe, Germany to be exact, I was amazed at how well kept everyone’s homes were. They didn’t spend hours, or have to set aside an […]

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