About Me

Hello and welcome to my little space on the World Wide Web!  My name is Tracy and I reside in Wisconsin with my 2 boys (pictured), 2 dogs (one pictured) and 2 guinea pigs.  We are always looking for adventures and ideas for us to do as a family and I am always on the hunt for ways to make my family healthier as we go about our adventures.

We didn’t always live in Wisconsin, in fact we have lived all over the place, including overseas (due to my ex husband’s military commitments).  I personally have lived in Wisconsin, South Carolina, Georgia, Connecticut, NYC, Chicago and Detroit, then my oldest son and I have lived in New York, Washington DC, Indianapolis, Germany and finally Wisconsin, and my littlest has lived in Indianapolis, Germany and now Wisconsin.  With all of that we have traveled to incredible places and experienced incredible adventures along the way.

In the past I had a small travel blog and worked with several different companies, then I had an art studio where I taught classes (until the pandemic started) and now here I am again in the blog world to share our adventures, experiences and every our every day life with you.

(Photo: Stouts Island)

On many of our travels, adventures and our home projects I am up to try anything.  One of my worst fears is squishing a worm on a hook for fishing, but my son broke his hand, had surgery and pins and I had to take on this job.  I did it, for hours but things fell apart when they actually caught fish.  Luckily there were a few other kids and adults around that were up for that job.  I tried to take the fish off, I really did, but it was a strong NOPE for me and I freaked out.  But nonetheless I have hooked the worm, gone on rollercoasters, water slides that are dark (another fearful situation for me) and slept in a hay loft in a barn above goats and cows for my kids.

(Kid with broken hand trying to help me)

But despite all of that my main goal is first their health and safety, secondly their experience and love for adventure and thirdly all doing it with manners and curiosity.  I cannot wait for you to come along on our adventures